The Engineering Student Activities Council is the umbrella organization for all the student groups within SEAS at Penn. ESAC coordinates the activities of the various undergraduate organizations and acts as a liaison between undergraduate engineering students, SEAS faculty and administration. ESAC also helps to create a community of Engineers at Penn by sponsoring events, such as Engineering Formal and Engineers Week.


Michael Hratko | President || SE 2019 | mhratko@seas.upenn.edu

A member of the class of 2019, Michael plans on pursuing a degree in Systems Engineering with minors in both Mathematics and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Besides ESAC, Michael plans on getting involved in research in the field of nanotechnology. He is from Howell, New Jersey, a suburb located about 15 minutes from the shore. When not studying, Michael likes to spend his time watching Game of Thrones (his favorite show), spending time with friends and family, and enjoying some good food.




Arush Jain | Vice President || EE 2020 | arushj@seas.upenn.edu

Arush is in the Class of 2018, majoring in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. He is originally from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Outside of ESAC, Arush is a dancer for Penn's Garba Raas team, Penn Raas.




Ryan Tu | Treasurer || CBE 2019 | rtu@seas.upenn.edu

Ryan is part of the Class of 2019 and plans to pursue a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He is from Brooklyn, NY and is a great lover of pizza and bagels. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the city and finding great places to eat.




Sheila Gaur | Events Chair || CIS 2021 | gaurs@seas.upenn.edu

Sheila Gaur is a member of the Class of 2021, majoring in Computer Science in SEAS and Finance in Wharton as a part of the M&T Program. She is from Potomac, Maryland and loves to golf, hike, watch Game of Thrones, and travel in her free time. Outside of ESAC, Sheila is involved in Weiss Tech House and M&T Innovation Fund.




Do Yeop Kim | Events Chair || CBE 2020 | doyeopk@seas.upenn.edu






William Deo | Liaison Chair || MEAM 2021 | willdeo@seas.upenn.edu

William Deo is a member of the Class of 2021, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics as part of the VIPER Program. He is from Toronto, Canada and loves exploring cities and finding the best spots to eat. Outside of ESAC, William is involved in Penn’s International Affairs Association, the Club Swimming Team and Penn Science Across Ages. In his free time, you can find him spending time with his family and friends or watching basketball.




Andre Wallace | Technology Chair || NETS 2019 | waandre@seas.upenn.edu

Andre is a member of the class of 2019 and is hoping to become a member of the NETS program. He is from Evanston, IL, a suburb right outside of Chicago. In his free time, Andre loves eating Chicago pizza, being outdoors, and spending time with friends. Outside of ESAC, he is also involved in Penn’s chapter of the National Society for Black Engineers.




Prithvi Pendekanti | Public Relations Chair || BE 2019 | ppend@seas.upenn.edu

Prith is a member of the Class of 2019, majoring in Bioengineering. He is from Cleveland, Ohio and loves the Cavaliers. Outside of ESAC, Prith is involved in Penn’s professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, and works in a lab. In his free time, Prith enjoys watching movies and going to restaurants.